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ICROM, a leading API CDMO, is dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical outsourcing through cutting-edge solutions. With a rich heritage spanning over 50 years, we specialize in crafting Active Ingredients for both NCEs and generic APIs. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to continually expand our capabilities and infrastructure. This includes the acquisition of new areas, the development of a state-of-the-art headquarters, an innovative R&D center, expansive warehouses, a dedicated quality unit building, and a sophisticated clinical scale plant. These strategic investments underscore our unwavering commitment to meeting the intricate demands of the pharmaceutical industry. At ICROM, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke development and manufacturing services, ensuring unparalleled quality, reliability, and innovation at every turn.

Alizapride HClAntiemetic59338-93-1EU
AmisulprideAntipsychotic71675-85-9EU, US, CEP
Bepotastine BesilateAntihistaminic190786-44-8EU, US
Brinzolamide (also sterile with Proprietary Technology)Anti-glaucoma138890-62-7EU, US, JP
DiacereinOsteoarthritis13739-02-01EU, CEP
Eosine SodiumDisinfectant, antimicrobial17372-87-1 EU
Epinastine HClAntihistaminic80012-44-8EU, US, KO, JP
Fluorescein SodiumDiagnostic518-47-8EU,US, CEP
IsoamylsalicylateAntiinflammatory/pain relief87-20-7EU
LevosulpirideAntipsychotic23672-07-03EU, KO
Metoclopramide base and HClAntiemetic54143-57-6 EU, US, CEP
Methylene BlueDiagnostic6173-4EU, US Filing
MinoxidilAntialopecia38304-91-5EU, US, CEP Filing
Paliperidone Palmitate (also sterile)Antipsycotic199739-10-1QII 2020
Pipoxolan HClAntispasmodic agent18174-58-8EU
RisperidoneAntipsychotic106266-06-2EU, US, KO, JP Filing
Ropivacaine base and HClAnesthetic132112-35-7EU, CEP Filing US Filing
SulpirideAntipsychotic 15676-16-1EU, CEP, JP, KO
Tianeptine NaAntidepressant30123-17-2EU, KO
Tiapride HClAntipsychotic 51012-33-0EU, JP
AripiprazolAntipsycotic129722-12-9To be scheduled
Everolimus*Bladder, Kidney Cancerr 159351-69-6To be scheduled
Indocyanine GreenDiagnostic3599-32-4To be scheduled
Isosulfan BlueDiagnostic68238-36-8To be scheduled
Lubiprostone*Chronic idiopathic constipation136790-76-6To be scheduled
Phythonadione (Vit.K1)Coagulation disorders84-80-0QIV 2020
Procain HClAnesthetic51-05-8QIV 2020

This API may be under discussion for exclusivity based on final market or FDF type

Products are offered for sales only in countries where related patent shave already
expired. In a negative case, products are offered in small quantities for R & D use only
under the Bolar – Roche clause.

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